Machine learning implementation

Released in 2015 TensorFlow is an ecosystem that is used by the developers to develop and train deep learning models. It uses complex computations as graphs that make it easier for analysis of models and multi-dimensional arrays.

TensorFlow enables designers to make dataflow diagrams—structures that portray how information travels through a chart, or a progression of handling hubs. Every hub in the diagram speaks to a numerical task, and every association or edge between hubs is a multidimensional information cluster, or tensor.

1. Image Recognition

Generally used by Social Media, Telecom and Handset Manufacturers; Face Recognition, Image Search, Motion Detection, Machine Vision and Photo Clustering can be utilized additionally in Automotive, Aviation and Healthcare Industries. Picture Recognition plans to perceive and recognize individuals and articles in pictures just as understanding the substance and setting.

2.Video Detection

This is a feature used mostly for Movement Detection, Real-Time Thread Detection in Gaming, Security, Airports and UX/UI fields. As of late, Universities are taking a shot at Large scale Video Classification datasets intending to fasten research into on extensive scale video understanding, portrayal learning, loud information demonstrating, exchange learning, and space adjustment approaches for video.

3.Voice/Sound Recognition

This is the most widely used platform of Tensorflow as voice recognition is used in IoT, Automotive, Security and UX/UI. Apart from that Voice search is almost used in all devices and developments. Applications such as voice to text, language translation etc. solely depend on this feature.

4.Time Series algorithms

This feature of TensorFlow allows the algorithms to predict i.e. they allow predicting non-specific time durations in addition to generate alternative versions of the time series.A very common and understandable example is Recommendations on applications such as amazon, Netflix, Google, Facebook etc. where they analyze and show ads and products in accordance to the viewer’s past searches.

5.Building Machine Learning Algorithms

By the help of TensorFlow one can easily prepare machine learning algorithms as it is a well integrated system and is dependent on GPU processing, python, and C++. It can also be integrated with container software such as docker, etc.


As everyone already knows that Machine learning is on high rise and there is no industry left untouched to this system let it be healthcare, oil and energy, fashion etc. Using TensorFlow can help us cater large scale ML needs in a well mannered and error free resulting



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