Mobile app testing from anywhere, anytime

Mobile app testing from anywhere, anytime

Continuous Testing Cloud Deliver A Perfect Mobile Experience With Every Release

What is Mobile Testing?

Mobile application testing is the method of checking if such mobile testing criteria are met by an app developed for handheld devices. “Mobile app” refers to three types of software: native apps, hybrid apps, and mobile web apps.

Mobile app testing is a must in all product development phases before an app is launched into the marketplace. Throughout its customer engagement path, this step ensures the final product works properly.

Mobile monitoring not only supervises the app’s consistency and functionality, but also improves user interaction efficiently.

Mobile App Manual Test

Test your software to speed up the testing cycle on multiple devices Perform manual tests of mobile apps on multiple devices in synchronous mode Access to real devices with physical device functionality

Automation Testing

Exhaustive support for testing tools for automation to enhance ROI on automation effort

Run tests on testing platforms for automation such as Appium, Espresso, XCUITest Perform automation tests in parallel on many pCloudy real devices

Mobile DevOps Integration

Achieving ongoing testing and speeding up update cycles

Restore APIs and plug-ins to integrate with any CI/CD program Integrating seamlessly with tools such as JIRA, Slack, ALM

Autonomous App Testing

App health review powered by AI to assist Checking with your mobile app

Exploratory Functional Tests powered by Bot Comprehensive health-analysis and study

Types of Mobile Testing

Functional testing
Often used for the testing of UI modules, screen adaptation, core architectures, and app features. It also checks the processes of installation and upgrading, localization settings, compatibility, and usability of the testing application.

Operational testing
Operational testing tests the reaction of the AUT to events and changes in certain devices such as power cycling, data cable link, Wi-Fi connection, and status of aircraft mode; then compares them with the requirements specified.

Interrupt testing
Interrupt checks replicate all potential interruptions, such as SMS/MMS, pop-up notifications/reminders, incoming and outgoing calls, etc. By going into a suspended state and restarting afterwards, they ensure the AUT can manage all interruptions.

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