Continuous testing

Continuous Testing Made Easy

One Integrated Full Risk Coverage Test Suite Integrate with your pipeline of continual distribution Faster test results with replication and reporting of Short Problem

Continuous testing

Throughout the development lifecycle, continuous testing is the method of running automated tests to gain immediate feedback on business threats, such as delivery delays and leakage of defects. In continuous testing, ItProBit excels by allowing you to easily construct automation frameworks with the open architecture of the tool. Your team will keep up with the accelerating pace of development and deployment by conducting continuous testing with ItProBit without having to make tradeoffs between consistency, speed, and costs.

One Automated Test Suite for Maximum Risk Coverage

Our open platform allows you to easily build a test suite consisting of various kinds of automated UI tests from all phases of your lifecycle of development. To run them as part of one continuous test suite and maximize test coverage, combine your functional tests in ItProBit with Device, Selenium, and SoapUI tests.

With ItProBit, 3rd party unit testing frameworks and software, including Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, TestNG, and xUnit, can be directly integrated, configured, and run. You can incorporate SoapUI tests to build functional and security tests for web service APIs to ensure full test coverage for both the front and back-end of your applications.

Integrate with your pipeline of continual distribution

Tech from SmartBear believes in an inclusive ecosystem. To help the growing ecosystem of CI/CD tools, our usable test automation tools for UI and API continue to expand. You can install plugins from any source, build custom plugins to meet customer requirements, and integrate solutions to provide end-to-end solutions for all your testing needs.

Monitor modifications, merge modifications, and directly from ItProBit restore previous file versions for individual projects and their child components.
Run ItProBit tests as part of your nightly test runs or batch and directly build processes after execution in multiple CI/CD tools.
In a test management tool such as Zephyr, import and merge your test sets, allowing you to plan, provision, and deploy automated builds for continuous delivery.

Faster test results with replication and reporting of Short Problem

A runtime engine that detects problems for you improves your resolution time. For quicker debugging to enhance the continuous delivery pipeline, get unified, informative reports with screenshots taken during each test run.

With just a few clicks, ItProBit enables you to create event logs and dump files for thorough review of your application behavior, including running process threads, CPU registers, process-used modules, call stacks, and DLL names, making it easier for you to give QA managers and key stakeholders packed performance.

Built-In Distributed Testing Network Suite

Scale up your ItProBit tests with our built-in Network Suite and parallel and distributed testing capabilities across configurations and remote devices. In ItProBit, parallel testing allows you to run your experiments on 1,500 real browsers, operating systems and resolution configurations at the same time.

Distributed testing allows you the flexibility to organize the parts of your test run in a particular order to conduct your automated experiments, while others run concurrently. Via the ItProBit user interface or through your keyword tests or scripts, you can control the Network Suite, making your continuous testing process even more versatile.

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