Test Automation

Test Automation

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Benefits of Online automated testing

Automated testing will improve the productivity of a QA team. Certain advantages include:

Selenium Grid for Online Browser Test Automation

Perform Selenium Test Automation on an online Selenium Grid based on a scalable, stable, and reliable cloud. At the same time, accelerate your Selenium test automation to expand your test coverage by analyzing 2000+ desktop and mobile browser environments on an online infrastructure.

Selenium Test Automation On Mobile Browsers

Run your test scripts for Appium and Selenium Automation through different mobile browsers for Android and iOS. You can now significantly expand your mobile device coverage, from the newest Android or iOS browsers to legacy models. With ItProBit online Selenium Grid, you build, test and deliver faster each time.

API Testing

Restful API to completely automate the workflow for continuous checking. To create robust test reports, fetch test information such as test status, metadata, Selenium logs, video logs, and more.

All major programming languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript, RoR, Python, PHP, and Selenium Test automation frameworks, are provided by ItProBit online Selenium Grid.

Online Browser Compatibility Testing

Perform manual cross-browser compatibility testing live-interactively on various browser environments. Access 2000+ desktop and mobile browser environments instantly on demand and conduct cross-browser End-to-End testing on a scalable cloud infrastructure.

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