Smart Mobility Solutions driving Business Excellence in Automotive & Transportation

Automotive and Transportation industry is experiencing an immense overhaul in infrastructure due to mobility solutions and technology while becoming more dynamic than ever. On the flipside, demands are also constantly changing resource utilization, product customization, safety requirements and cost-effective solutions.

IoT based Automotive Solutions & Connected Vehicles Platform

Connected vehicle platform is a revolution in the automotive industry leveraging V2V technology that has allowed drivers to stay in touch with the world. We provide seamless integration of IoT client SDK into different types of automotive hardware like OBD2 chips, sensors, ECU, steering, lighting etc. while providing connectivity with excellent features.

School Bus Tracking System

Our GPS based custom mobility solutions for School Bus management and tracking is the core to build a safe environment in the schools as well as on the roads. Our White Label solutions help schools and educational institutions to enhance brand value with school bus tracking solutions.

Fleet Management Solutions with Custom Mobile App & OBD-II Chip

We provide White Label automotive mobility solutions leveraging IoT and custom mobile app development that allows tracking, safety measures, predictive analysis for maintenance for vehicles in the fleet with the help of ECU data and algorithms.

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