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No matter if you are talking about clothing, textile, gaming or any other lifestyle and entertainment products (such as sports goods, shopping behaviour, movie streaming, consumer preference, purchase trigger and brand experiences, the audience need to establish points of contact with your brand. The market researchers have analyzed these data to highlight all areas that would produce the rapid increase in overall customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here, we provide clear action plans that these companies should follow to achieve growth within the lifestyle industry.

Smart Solutions for Lifestyles and Entertainment - Better User Experience, Better Recognition

There is no doubt about the trending market needs in the world of Entertainment and Lifestyles. The apps have eventually grown smarter that helps you sustaining the reforming market and eventually grow your business. As a result of which customer satisfaction and loyalty are being ensured. Smart apps focuses on your target audience, acquire them and engage them to building long term business relationship with them. Few of these Smart Lifestyle apps features are listed below:

Internet of Things changing the operation of Entertainment Companies around the globe

Our end-to-end mobility solutions are not just constrained to businesses or corporations options, but they broaden with our talent in the embedded domain, making us a unique solution provider, where mobile talks with various devices leveraging IoT, M2M, Wearable app development. According to a survey, approximately $72.6 million will be spent by the Entertainment Industry on Internet of Things. These industries have set their budget for the following solutions:

Immersive AR & VR Experiences in the advancement of the Entertainment Industry

According to the 2017 Global Entertainment and Media Outlook forecast by PwC, Virtual Reality has remained one of the most rapid growing segments in the world of Entertainment. They project that 68 million VR headsets will be in use in the U.S.A 3 years from now, which will eventually increase the VR content revenue to $5.0 billion. These statistics and trends indicate the entertainment industry’s interest in adopting experiences are latest advancements in the entertainment industry:

Adopt M-Commerce, and give your products a wider market

One of the best way to boost business mobility and enhance the productivity of the company, is by adopting eCommerce mobile applications. A well-designed and developed m-commerce app expands the business reach, and allows customers to shop – irrespective of their geographical location. Take a glimpse of some of its features:

Mobile Wallet is now enhancing the essence of mobility with Mobile Payment Solutions

Integrating the mobile wallet in apps is no more a just trend, it’s rather a necessity of time. More and more people are going cashless and preferring digital mediums for paying bills, online booking and buying products online. Some of the key features are being highlighted below:

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