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Searching for Smart Solutions in Food and Beverages Industry?

Food & Beverages industry has taken to IT like few others. Exploiting on-demand platforms to order & queue management to on-premises interactive menus to using AI & Analytics to optimise the delivery fleet, the dynamic range and vastness of solutions employed today in this fast-moving and highly innovative industry can be intimidating at times. Clients need a partner that understands different business models and helps them extract the most out of what technology offers. Itprobit hand-crafts F&B industry solutions that would win 3-Michelin Stars if there was such a thing.

On-Demand service platform to order food online

“What should I have for lunch or Dinner?” It’s the common dilemma we face everyday. Due to a hectic schedule, the modern day consumers prefer to order something from nearby restaurants rather than cooking at home. This is where on-demand service platform for Food Ordering comes into the picture.

Sell your products online through E-commerce platform

For those who are just a startup in F&B industry and looking forward to establishing themselves, OR someone who has already established themselves and now looking forward to increasing the customer outreach, having an online E-commerce platform to sell your products can turn out to be a masterstroke decision.

Leveraging Beacon/ BLE Proximity technology

Beacons/BLE and other proximity-based technology are not hidden secret anymore. Nowadays, almost every industry is somehow trying to leverage this technology to achieve their individual goals whether it is to provide a better customer experience, or increase the outreach, or reduce the labor cost, or a better supply chains management, or to increase the profit which is the eventual goal of every industry. Food & Beverage industry is not an exception when it comes to utilizing the Beacons.

Gamify your mobile solution using AR

Food and Beverage is no longer just about the product; it’s now more about the experience. Having a website or mobile app solution for your product is not just enough. Customers’ expectation has gone one step further to have a more interactive solution. How interactively you are offering the same products/services is something which can make you stand out amongst others.

Supply chain management using Blockchain

With the increased number of supply channels in F&B industry, it has become very difficult to keep the track of each transaction, and simultaneously, maintain the full transparency with every participant. Blockchain introduction to supply chain is authentic godsend where it ensures the data security and product traceability. Blockchain encourages a trustworthy collaboration between the links of supply chain.

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