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Thursday, 03 September 2015 00:00


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The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner:

UI Enhancements:

  • New UI layout that includes breadcrumbs for easy test navigation.
  • Duplicate the definition of an existing test to a new test.
  • An enhanced Reports page layout includes new metrics and an easy navigation bar.
  • In the Dashboard, you can sort column values in the widget summary view.
Thursday, 13 August 2015 00:00

Performance Testing

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Performance Testing basics
The aim of this blog is to get you started with performance testing of web applications and services, teaching you everything you need to know about performance testing and JMeter along the way. So, lets get started. 

What is Performance Testing and why it is required?

Majority of web application today are focused on masses i.e. they provide simultaneous access to large number of users to perform different operations. In such cases it is required to measure the performance of the application, to see how well the application behaves in high concurrent load situation.

Most of the mailing, online gaming and social networking websites today have more or less similar functionality but one get ahead of other on the basis of its performance only. So, performance is a vital aspect of an application and to foresee how well the application will behave in large concurrent load is the responsibility of Performance Tester.

According to wiki "Performance testing in general is performed to determine how a system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability under a particular workload. It can also serve to investigate, measure, validate or verify other quality attributes of the system, such as scalability, reliability and resource usage."

Thursday, 13 August 2015 00:00

Use Selenium WebDriver with JMeter

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The Apache JMeter™ desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It was originally designed for testing Web Applications but has since expanded to other test functions.

In this example, you learn how to use Selenium WebDriver with JMeter to test performance of a web application. This example uses Mahara ePortfolio system as an example. We test the application's login and logout performance.

To use Selenium Webdriver with JMeter, simply install "WebDriver Set" plugins. The WebDriver sampler is very useful if you want to test for performance AJAX, GWT based web applications and simulated user actions.

Thursday, 13 August 2015 00:00

Testing SOAP REST Web Service With JMeter

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We can easily run performance tests against Soap/Rest web services by using JMeter.  REST web services uses the HTTP request method with most popular protocols like : GET and POST. 

The responses return status codes indicating success or failure, along with any applicable headers, and JSON representing the affected fields (or nothing) in the message-body. In this example below, we use OpenWeatherApi  for web service test. For detailed information for the api, please visit the site:

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