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The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner: UI Enhancements: New UI layout that includes breadcrumbs for easy test navigation. Duplicate the definition of an existing test to a new test. An enhanced Reports page layout includes new metrics and an easy navigation bar. In the Dashboard, you can sort column values in the widget summary view.



HP Mobile Center Integration

Use the TruClient Native-Mobile protocol with HP Mobile Center to test your native mobile apps.

TruClient Standalone

  • The TruClient Standalone IDE replaces the TruClient Firefox .xpi.
  • If you have used TruClient in previous versions of StormRunner (the Firefox Add-on) these script can no longer be uploaded. However, previously uploaded scripts are still supported.

  • Scripts created in the TruClient Standalone are supported in LoadRunner/Performance Center/StormRunner and vice-versa.

  • Logs are now supported in TruClient.
  • TruClient scripts are now supported with on-premise load generators.

The first test 

In my first simple test, I just entered some URLs that should be stressed. I selected where the load should come from (US, EU, Asia, and Australia) and off we go. Later on I also changed the schedule a bit, so that it was using a faster ramp up and some pacing times as well.

More advanced tests 

Also more advanced tests like a whole business process were quite easy to create via the so called “TruClient”. This is a Firefox plugin you can download and install directly within StormRunner. It lets you simply record the steps you want to test in your web page. You can also and parameterize your test. And in case you already have some ready-made LoadRunner or Performance Center scripts: Just upload them to StormRunner Load!

HAR, JMeter and Jenkins

You don’t have a script yet? You can simply use HAR files to create your tests. (HAR stands for HTTP archive and is a common JSON formatted archival format for HTTP logging.) Or you already have some JMeter scripts? Just include them! Want to integrate with Jenkins? A plug-in lets you connect to your automated build process and schedule and run tests from Jenkins.

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Be smart

Want more insight into performance trends from test to test? There is some Advanced Trending (and I wouldn’t call it advanced if it wasn’t cool). You can see how a specific metric has changed from one test run to another. You might find some cloud tools with trending capabilities on the market today. But they are usually only available after the tests in offline mode only. StormRunner Load lets you trend in real time!





complete details in here.

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