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Future Of Mobile Application Automation

AppiumIntroduction to Appium:

Appium is a mobile automation tool based on very well known and widely accepted web automation tool "Selenium".Appium guys have actually extended Selenium Webdriver API for mobile automation support.

Appium library has extended RemoteWebDriver class from Selenium API and created AndroidDriver and IOSDriver classes to support mobile automation on Android/IOS platforms. 

Working of Appium:

Appium is very similar to Selenium in communication and architecture.It uses JSON-wire protocol for communication and supports script development in languages like:Java,C#,Python,Ruby,PHP,Java Script

Appium uses automation frameworks which comes with Software Development Kits(SDK) of Android/IOS

On Android it uses UIAutomator and on IOS it uses UIAutomation.

Appium supports automation of all kinds of mobile applications like Native,web and hybrid.

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The following features were introduced or enhanced in StormRunner:

UI Enhancements:

  • New UI layout that includes breadcrumbs for easy test navigation.
  • Duplicate the definition of an existing test to a new test.
  • An enhanced Reports page layout includes new metrics and an easy navigation bar.
  • In the Dashboard, you can sort column values in the widget summary view.
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We come with great experience in terms of skills when it comes to testing web applications and mobile applications. We are not the typical testers that you may have seen in other testing services companies who would just end up in typical tests and not really which sounds technical which can be mastered if one loves to learn the deep part of technology. Every moment we crave to learn the technology well so that we can add value to functional testing. We have tremendous zeal towards web and mobile platform.

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Android Applications

AndroidWe ar the leading full service humanoid App Development company having a team of the foremost older humanoid developers at work. they're skilled in style, development, testing and readying of humanoid Apps. Our humanoid development isn't restricted to application development for humanoid however covers humanoid widgets development, humanoid application testing, humanoid games development and far a lot of.

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IOS Application Development

ISOWe have been developing mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and alternative iOs devices since long. once you opt for North American nation you’re partnering with a mobile apps development team having unimaginable expertise in building powerful, feature-rich iPhone mobile apps with lovely UI. Our competent team of designers and artistic engineers facilitate North American nation to produce on-demand mobile apps by putt the correct balance between client's ideas, iPhone platform standards and user expertise.

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