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With AI influencing all the sectors of our society Healthcare cannot remain untouched. With emerging digital trends such as wearables and Iot, AR and VR, Blockchain, telemedicine etc. And with the constant need of their services Healthcare industry has emerged one of the highest growing and influencing one. With the above mentioned digital transformations we have filled the loop holes in the traditional working structures tackling issues such as drug overdose, data collection, timely checkups and most importantly diagnosis.

Amongst these trends, there’s chatbots. In layman terms we can define them as a computerized system that interacts via messages or voice calls regarding our basic requirements. To be more specific it is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that simulates interactive human conversation by using key pre-calculated user phrases and auditory or text-based signals.

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How can we implement these applications in healthcare? Most of the healthcare websites and applications have already installed this features hence providing their clients easy way out of some tedious tasks such as taking appointments, prescription information or information regarding any medical equipments. Statistics have shown that by the end of 2025, 90% of the U.S. clinics will be implementing Bots to run more smoothly and to provide better healthcare facilities to their patients, apart from that it will also result in decreasing the healthcare costs in future.


1. It is a patient engaging platform

The healthcare in such a system will be based purely on the needs of the patient. It will be fair and health reduces the cost related issues of the patients. The bots will provide the precise prescription with continuous check on overdose and updating of prescriptions as well.

2. Installed with information from trusted sources

Chat bots will be updated by the knowledge of the medicines and diseases from a trusted source so as to provide flawless service to the patients by the particular provider. This not only will increase the provider and customer relations but will also increase that particular provider’s audience.

3. Maintenance and updation of prescriptions

Chatbots can provide a continuous and systematic dose of a prescription according to the customer’s improving or deteriorating health. Bots can get to information and react to patients' solicitations over various channels, paying little respect to gadget or area. Besides, bots can interface medicinal services experts with the fundamental information store that addresses their issues.


1. Scheduling appointments: One can easily schedule appointments with the help of chatbots without standing in huge lines and waiting for hours together. It is effective in saving time by easily performing this repetitive task.

2. Data compilation and Assessment: With the help of chatbots if a patient enters for a checkups he can easily record his symptoms or reason for visit in a system, not only the present data can be stored but all the past data can be easily presented before the doctor while the checkup is being performed.

3. Diagnosis: While the patient records his symptoms on the system the chatbot can easily diagnose some basic knowledge of what might be the issue with the patient before the intervention of the doctor himself.

4. Prescription: For some basic health issues or symptoms the bot can recommend some first aid prescriptions to soothe the symptoms until the patient reaches the doctor. The chatbots can also be used to know the right dosage and side effects of a prescription or the right usage of medical equipment without involving a doctor.

5. Constant health monitoring and updating dosage: Once the prescription is advised, one has to keep updating the dosage based on improving or deteriorating health. This can be done easily by the help of constantly consulting chatbots accordingly. Overdose is one of a serious medical issues faces by the health industry which can be tackled easily with the help of this programme.

6. Updated reports at Doctor: While staying at home the patient can easily send the day to day report with his/her particular doctor so as to keep him updated of his health and how the treatment is resulting.


Overall we can say that chatbots are the base of healthcare future and can easily overcome the problems faced by the industry today such as high prices and non availability of skilled doctor. They are capable of making healthcare industry easily approachable and help people overcome the taboos faced by them regarding the same.

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